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Quality You Can Count On Reliably Reliable
Service Built Around Your Business Membership, Payment & Pricing
Quality You Can Count On  
What would you like to print? Business cards? Brochures? How about flyers or posters? Whatever you have in mind, you can be sure we’ll get it done right. With over a decade of experience in commercial printing, and after churning out gazillions of paper promotional collaterals, and expanding the footprint of our production floor for the third time in the last five years, we guess customers must really like our print quality (and our prices).
Oh yeah, the fact we use some of the best printing presses and colour management technology in the world should give you more then an inkling of how serious we are about print quality. But hey, if you have to feel it to believe it, just register for a free sample pack today.
Reliably Reliable  
You’ve probably heard a horror story or two about the perils of using the services of a print service provider on the net. Heck, you probably know someone who got burned by one. (Our condolence if you were that someone.) Fact is there are so called "professional" printers out there who’d promise you a Rembrandt but deliver quality that your desktop printer could have done better. So we’re not going insult your intelligence by promising you a Rembrandt. Instead we’re going to lay out the facts straight to you.
Fact #1: Our plant has an ISO9001:2008 certification which is for quality assurance. What that means is we have a stringent and proven process in place to manage your orders and to ensure the standard of print quality we deliver is consistent. Fact #2: Our product reject rate fringes on 1% a year, whilst our rate for completing orders on time is about 99.7% or more. Fact #3: Until we invest in own fleet of jets, we contract out shipping to reputable shippers like DHL and TNT, so your goods are as good as delivered. Fact #4: We were awarded the SME Rising Star Award in 2007 by the SMI Association of Malaysia for being one of the most outstanding Small-Medium Industry (in terms of service, revenue and innovation) that year. We’re also the first company in our industry with Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia status which is awarded by the Government of Malaysia through the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for companies that develop or use multimedia technologies to produce or enhance their products and services, and for process development. Lastly, Fact #5: There’s our iron-clad Money Back Guarantee. Although we don’t make it a habit of screwing up, but if we do, you bet we’ll pay up. No questions asked!
So there you have it. Six facts that in their entirety should tell you how serious we are about this business. Because in this business, like in any other, if you’re not reliable, you don’t have anything.  
Service Built Around Your Business  
What is service if it is not convenient? Don’t worry we’re not going to philosophize. Instead we’ll shamelessly hard sell you on how great our eStore is. The member section of the EXCARD Global website which we refer to as the eStore is an epitome of convenience. Over the years, we’ve spent a huge chunk to refine the eStore which allows print-brokers, designers and even other printers to get their print jobs done on-the-fly, online. It’s got all the bells and whistles to help you manage your orders; from submitting your files for printing, to tracking the status and history of an order, downloadable templates to help you prep your artwork, a built-in file checking system, including a complete listing of our short to long-run print prices so you won’t need to chase us for a quote. Everything’s on auto! However, if you need a little more customizing then usual, just channel you enquiries through our Get Quote service. We’ll get back to you with our best quote in 24 hours.
In addition, we have optional tools which we call X-cessories that are designed to aid you in your sales presentation and in customizing your masterpiece. Tools such as our custom colour reference manual and product samples will take the mystery out of selecting colours, finishing and materials. But if it ever gets a little overwhelming for you or you just need a some advice regarding your print job, just drop our friendly customer service ladies an email and they’ll work it out for you. Even our delivery is built around your business: you can choose to have us send your completed order to you or your clients even if they live across the continent! So how’s that for convenience?  
Membership, Payment & Pricing  
As a trade printer, we offer our services to print-brokers, designers and even other printers to outsource their work. Once your membership is approved, you will be given a member account so you can start transacting with us.
EXCARD uses a prepaid system so that you may place orders quicker, at any time and uninterruptedly. Every time you place an order, the cost of it will be deducted from the prepaid amount (also referred to as cash advance) in your member account. You can add cash advance into your member account anytime by credit card (via PayPal) or Telegraph Transfer. Once we successfully receive your cash advance, it will be loaded into your member account so that you may begin your shopping spree immediately!
As an EXCARD Global member, you will have some cool benefits which include priviledge discounts and promotions. You will also have access to the tools on the eStore including our complete list of prices for short to long run printing. We won’t go so far as to say our prices are the lowest on the net, but for the quality that you’re getting (check out our samples) they’re truly hard to beat. The following are some examples of our super nice prices!  
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